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BBQ Chicken Breast with Parmesean Butter Pasta and Collard Greens

This meal was delicious and very easy to make. I bought the beef from Whole Foods and I recommend you do the same. It had a great flavor of it's own, and melted in my mouth like butter.

In a saucepan, or soup pot add some oil to coat the bottom of the pot or pan. Heat the pan on low heat and while you are heating the pan wash, and cut your beef into cubes. Add black pepper, salt, cayenne pepper and some Steak Seasoning to the beef. Put the beef to the side and dice onions,  garlic, carrots, celery, potatoes, and red bell peppers.

Then increase the heat to a medium flame and add the beef. Let the beef brown on all sides. Finally, add the vegetables you diced. Let the vegetables and the beef continue to brown. After browning add 2 cups of beef stock. Cover the pot and let it cook until the beef is tender. When the beef is cooked, uncover the pot and let the liquid in the pot reduce to make a gravy. When your gravy is the consistency you prefer your meal is done.

To make the Collard Greens begin by washing the greens with some lemon juice and water. Then strain the green and cut them into small pieces.  Season with black pepper  and a pinch of salt. Add the greens to a preheated pan that has a few tablespoons of olive oil. Cook until the greens are the way you like them. The more you cook them the softer they become. I prefer mine to have a crunch so I do not cook them for very long.

Now you will notice that I have not given any specific measurements for the ingredients of the dish. Why? I want you to make the recipe your own. The idea is yours to add your unique culinary twist. Let's compare recipes when you have given it a try. However,  if you prefer to follow my recipe just request it in the comments section. Enjoy!

This is one of my favorite sandwiches. It's easy and extremely affordable. To make this sandwich you will need bread (whatever you prefer), tuna or salmon(canned or fresh), mayo, black pepper, a dash of cayenne pepper, and an avocado .

In a bowl combine your tuna, or salmon with mayo and black pepper. Mix those ingredients together and then add a few pieces of avocado. I love avocado so I added a lot. After that lightly toast your choice of bread, and assemble your sandwich. Some possible additions to this sandwich could be:

  • Cheddar cheese, blue cheese or Smoked Gouda
  •  Try Pumpernickel bread, Sourdough or Brioche 
  • Adding a small amount of relish could be quite tasty, or even a dash of mustard
  • Some caramelized onions

Give it a try!

This salad was delicious and the chicken was extremely moist and crispy. To make this meal I needed:

4 Red Potatoes
1/2 Cup of Sweet Corn
1/2 Cup of Dried Cranberries
1tsp Black Pepper

1 Cup of Flour
All Purpose Seasoning
Cayenne Pepper
2 tsp garlic powder
8 Chicken Tenders

For the potato salad I saved time by cutting each potato into small pieces. Then I placed the pieces on a baking tray and sprinkled olive oil, black pepper and a pinch of salt over the potatoes. Finally I placed the tray in an oven that was preheated to 425. The potatoes will bake for 10 to 20 mins, depending on how u like them. The longer they stay, the softer they will be in the salad. When they are done baking place the potatoes in a bowel and mix them with mayonnaise (as much as you like), sweet corn, cranberries( fresh or dried), and a pinch of salt. Then place the bowl in the refrigerator while you make the chicken tenders.

Wash the tenders with lemon juice and then season with as much all purpose seasoning (as much as you like). I say "as much as you like" because this is the main flavor component of the dish and everyone's taste differs. Just keep in mind the more you add, the more salt the chicken will contain. In a zip lock bag mix the flour, cayenne pepper( add based on how peppery you like your food), and garlic powder. Then place 2 tenders in at a time and shake them in the bag to make sure they are fully coated. Place the coated pieces on a plate and let them sit for 5 mins. In the meantime heat 2 cups of coconut oil in a sauce pan and when the oil is hot place the tenders in on at a time,  at 5 second intervals. When the juice runs clear from the tenders( usually after 10 mins or less) remove the chicken and place in a baking tray. I recommend using chicken tenders from Trader Joe's. They are free of antibiotics, and the finished product is never dry.

Finally, put your meal together. There is a lot of room to add your own creativity in this recipe as with all my recipes. Cooking is about taking an idea, or principal and making it work for your taste buds and lifestyle. Initially I learned to cook by following my mother's recipes. However, I became more independent as I made small changes to the recipes, and recreated the idea in my own way. For instance I learned to make potato salad from my mom but I wanted more flavors in my salad so I changed everything. Instead of boiling, I baked the potatoes, instead of just mayo, I added corn, cranberries and black pepper. I challenge you to take on of your favorite recipes and take some risks by changing one or more components of it. Whether it works or it doesn't I guarantee you will learn something and the more you learn the more you will sharpen your cooking abilities. Cooking is about sharing ideas, experimenting, within reason, and having fun.