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 Bonjour. I hope you are having a happy morning. What better is there to start the morning other than with a hot cup of tea? Do you know of any? Well, in my opinion the hot tea that tops the list is a tea known as Cerasee Tea. Now, I speak highly of this tea because of its cleansing, purifying, and medicinal properties. According to my online research, Cerasee has been used by many Females in various parts of the country, specifically the West Indies, to ease menstrual disorders, and promote easier postoperative care, following childbirth. Women may consume the tea for nine days after giving birth to clean out as well as refresh, and revitalize vital organs involved in delivery. Lastly, my research showed that Cerasee can also be used as a natural form of contraception. However, from personal experience I have found this tea to be very soothing when used as a hot beverage in the morning and revitalizing to vital body systems. When I drink Cerasee it produces a calming effect on the body and makes you feel like you are doing something magnificent for your health. Guess what? You really are. So I would recommend this tea to anyone out there that is willingly to try something new, but before you go drinking please bear in mind that the tea has a bitter taste. Nonetheless, the taste can be counteracted with raw honey, sugar or eating a few biscuits along with your tea. Enjoy!

 Check out my morning with Cerasee

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