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How Do You Handle Opposition?

By 11:52:00 PM

We all come from varying backgrounds that determine our appearance, style of life and personality traits. These are things that make us beautiful and unique. Unfortunately, there are some people who find it hard to accept us for our uniqueness. Why? These individuals are not happy with who they are. So, they cannot be happy for you. Happiness starts within. If you are not happy for the person who are, it will be very very difficult to accept others for who they are. Despite the hate you may receive it is important to never lose your happiness. Losing your happiness will turn you into the people who oppose you. Rather, make opposition, or hate become a source of energy. This sounds weird, right? Well it worked for me. I learned to become stronger from the opposition I received. I actually began to pity these individuals because they live their lives by being critical of the lives of others. How could that be fun? Life is enjoyable when you are happy not just for yourself, but for others. So, if you find yourself being opposed, or talked about please protect the happiness that you have. Use the opposition to energize you, and motivate you to continue living just as you are. Finally, never hate these individuals. You must love them, and try to help them.

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