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How To Lost Weight Quickly?

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Body image is very important to us as humans. Would you not agree? We love to view our bodies in the mirror, but sometimes we can become too critical of ourselves. It is important to realize that we are all beautiful regardless of our shape or size. However, it is appropriate, in my opinion to become very critical of our weight, when it starts to interfere with our enjoyment of life, and health. During my senior year in High school I was extremely preoccupied with college applications, AP classes, and fulfilling graduation requirements, that I forgot the importance of eating balanced meals, and the principal of moderation. Yes, I became an extreme lover of chips, cookies, soda, and my favorite, Chinese food. I found myself eating out of frustration and stress. Food was my therapist. It calmed my mind and made me feel like everything would workout. Sadly, I developed a large stomach and my weight increased exponentially. I became concerned because my appearance alerted me to the fact that my healthy was decreasing. So what was I going to do? Look below for a copy of my plan.

Trav’s Body Transformation Plan

·       Cleanse your body with an herbal tea, laxative, prune juice or cleanse diet(Week one)

·        Start to eat smaller portions of your food enemies (chips, candy, and soda) & begin a simple exercise program. Try doing 10 crunches in the morning, 10 before bed and dance for a few minutes when you get a chance. Personally, I danced a lot. I danced for an hour each day. It energized me and helped me to burn a lot of calories.(Week two)

·       Eliminate all forms of juice and soda, and drink only water(add lemon or slices of ginger if you would like),I developed a love for water as I saw my skin become brighter and more clear.(Week three)

·       Start to eat a lot of raw garlic. Raw garlic contains a compound known as allicin, which helps our bodies get rid of bad cholesterol, and essentially maintain weight loss, & make cayenne pepper your best friend. Cayenne pepper speeds metabolic activity and helps you to continue to lose weight. Try adding it to your water, food or even yogurt. I added my BFF to my water, oatmeal, eggs, and soup.(Week four)

·        Take some time out to sit and analyze your progress and develop a personal diet that allows you to maintain a healthy weight, while enjoying life.(Week five)

·         Eat in moderation and eat for your health, and not for your looks.(Forever)

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