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Physician Assistants

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The healthcare system is very vast and consists of many medical professionals. In my mind I have developed a medical hierarchy, which helps me to reference the professional I need to care for a specific issue. Also, as someone studying to be a Physician assistant it is imperative that I understand the roles of all medical professionals. Check it out below

Physcian Assistant
Registered Nurse,LPN

So, it is my belief that many people do not do know who PA’s. I did not know until I reached an academic dilemma. For years I dreamt of being a doctor and it was my goal for my adult future, but as I got older I realized that I loved to help people and I wanted to maximize the influence I could have on the lives of others. Thus, I decided to study to be a PA, because it is the closest position to a doctor and it allows me to spend at most, 6 years in school, as opposed to 8 or 9 years to be a doctor. PA’s are medical professionals that form a team with doctors. They are licensed to operate just like a doctor and can operate in place of a doctor. The difference is that they practice medicine under the direction of physicians and surgeons, but this does not mean that a supervising physician must always be present with the PA or direct every aspect of PA-provided care. According to the AAPA, if there is a PA in your group practice, you can certainly request to be seen by him or her. They deliver high-quality care, and research shows that patients are just as satisfied with PA-provided care as they are with physician care. The next time you go to the doctor or hospital inquire about the person caring for you.

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