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Raw Honey

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Growing up I had great skin. As I entered my teenager years I began to grow facial hair. Sounds normal, right? Sadly, this was when my life took a scary turn. I had to consider shaving and I started by using a razor blade, which caused me to develop razor bumps. These bumps were small and very irritating. Thus, I would itch and scratch them. This led to many rupturing and leaving behind black spots. So my clean, clear and bright face became a sore thumb in my life. I spent days and hours feeling very depressed and undesirable. My confidence level dropped drastically. I felt like hiding myself. However, one day I said to myself "Trav, you can defeat this, you need to take a more natural approach to solving your problem, chin up!" So I began to do research, and I found a plethora of natural remedies that helped me to regain my clear skin. In my future posts I will discuss the natural masks, juices and treatments that I used. In this post I must highlight the jewel that really brought my confidence back up.

A friend of mine Rochelle aka RoRo encouraged me to consider using raw honey. Hmmmmm. I said "RoRo that is silly, do you really think honey will do the trick?" RoRo responded" Trav I know it works because it helped to complement my beauty" Ro Ro is such a character, but she was right. Raw honey really does the trick. So I asked her to accompany me to purchase it and like a great friend she did. After purchasing the raw honey I rushed home to prep my face for reconstruction.


 First, I cleansed my face. Then I applied 3 tbsp. of Raw Honey to my problem areas. I left the honey on overnight and in the morning, guess what? My face was brighter and the spots appeared to be fading. Yes! Raw honey is very powerful. It is on the expensive side, but it is worth it. Give it a try if you have blemishes that lower your confidence and depress you, but do your research like I did first and never give up. Always remember that beauty starts on the inside and is complemented by your outward appearance.


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