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Steam Your Face

By 11:30:00 AM

Does your face feel stiff, sticky or rough? Well you may be in need of a face steam bath. Your face is exposed to elements of nature on a daily basis. While exposed it gets damaged and weakened. So should I never go outside? Of course you should go outside. It is important that when you go outside you protect your skin and then when you get home you sooth and treat your skin. Thus, the face steam bath comes in. Steaming your face opens your pores and it clears your nasal cavity, which helps to relive stress and tension. Pores that are clogged can cause acne and a sticky appearance on the skin. So by steaming your face you are opening your pores, reducing infection, and improving your skin's appearance.
My steam baths are very soothing and effective. Follow the steps below to enjoy a face steam bath:
 1. Boil 8 cups of water.
 2. Remove the water from the stove.
 3. Get a towel.
4. Pour the water into a bowel.
5. Add some lemon slices, orange slices or herbs like, lavender or rosemary.
6. Put the towel over your head and the bowel to form a tent of steam.
7. Steam your face for 15 to 30 minutes.
8. Finally, wipe your face, exfoliate, then apply any treatment cream you may be using (the treatment will be more effective now that your pores are open), and moisturize.

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