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Did you know? - Potatoes

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This morning while having my green plantain porridge I decided to browse through some of the blog posts on bloggers.com. I came across a post that reads "Boiled potatoes help you lose weight." Instantly, I was in shock at the fact that one thought that boiled potatoes, or potatoes could help one lose weight. Then I thought  to myself " why do I believe that potatoes cause weight gain." The answer is: it is due to the opinions of other people that I drew my conclusion. I never took the time to do my own research and formulate my own conclusions.

So, I hurried to my computer and began my research. After reading multiple sources I discovered the truth about potatoes. Potatoes are actually very good for you as they are rich in many vitamins and minerals. Also, potatoes do not contribute to weight gain. Rather, the things we choose to add to them contribute to weight gain. The website below says it all. Check it out. But keep in mind that anything that we overindulge in, even if it is good for us, can become very bad for our health.

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  1. Nice post, first of all you need to give me the recipe of that Green plantain porridge (I only know how to eat plantain by frying it on oil lol) and second of all, I never though that of potatoes, I'm glad to be a potatoes addict :)

  2. Thank you for your response. For the porridge you need to get two green plantains, cut them up, so that they fit in a blender. Then you should pour enough water into the blender, start to blend and slowing add a cup of milk or jt enough to make it smooth. After that you should already have a up of water boiling, so when you are done blending pour the mixture slowing into te boiling water,while whisking. You will notice tt it will thicken. If it s too thick add some milk. Let it cook or 25 min. When the time is up, add condensed milk, sugar or hint to sweeten. I highly recommend adding cinniomon or nutmeg. Two green plantains make the largest seeing. Email me if you have more questions. callmetrav@hotmail.com. Thank you

  3. Correction. I published without catching these mistakes, my IPad has a mind of its own. :)

    Slowing, should be slowly
    jt,should be just
    up, should be cup
    Or, should be for
    Hint,should be honey
    Seeing, should be serving

  4. Oh I do love my potatoes in a variety of ways. I have the lovely fried chips but not too often for obvious reasons. I love oven roasted potatoes with smeared with garlic and rosemary, the smell alone is wonderful. I must have the beloved jacket potato too, and I eat the skin as well which is supposed to be very good and full of nutrients. And can't go wrong if you just boil the potatoes too, with the skin.
    I love the versatile potato.