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Green Plantains

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Green plantains are my favorite when they are fried and presented to me as tostones, or fried plantain chips.  For many years I have enjoyed this treat, but I recently learned of a new way to enjoy my favorite treat and I learned of the nutritional benefits that green plantains provide, benefits that I have overlooked for years.

So, I discovered that green plantains can be used to make a porridge or hot cereal. In my opinion it is like a hot pudding that is delicious. To enjoy green plantains as a porridge, one must blend the plantains with milk. Then when the mixture is very smooth you should  pour it into some boiling water, stir as you pour. After pouring you must whisk the mixture and add more milk if it becomes too thick. Finally, after cooking for a few mins you can pour it into bowls, sweeten with brown sugar, add fresh fruit, or add some honey. It can be eaten for breakfast or as a dessert.

Green plantains are a great source of:

1) Energy 
2) Fiber
3) Vitamin A
4) B complex vitamins
5) Iron
6) Magnesium
7) Phosphorus
8) Potassium

Moreover, green plantains are known to ease symptoms of a variety of ailments such as arthritis, gout, anemia, allergies, kidney stones, tuberculosis, and urinary disorders.

I enjoyed my hot dessert. It was creamy and very nutritious. For me it was a dessert, but for you it may be better enjoyed as breakfast. Try adding almonds, flax seeds, crushed ginger or cinnamon. Enjoy.

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  1. Ah, this is different. I've come across green bananas before and this is also know as 'fig' in some countries because it is green, not sweet but more like a bland tasting hardish banana that you boil. And I've heard of plantains, which is usually bigger than a normal banana, although yellow in colour, the blacker it gets before eating, the sweeter is it. You can boil it but most people fry it to make chips. You can't eat any of these raw like a normal banana.

    I was wondering which one you may be referring to as you as you said 'Green Plantains' which for me was a combination of both the types and they are two very different bananas. Or maybe this is something completely different. Help and thanks.

  2. Hi thank you for your response and question. From my personal experience and research. I understand that there are two types of bananas and plantains. There are green and yellow bananas and green and yellow plantains. The green in both categories must be boiled or fried. The yellow in the banana category can be eaten raw. However, he yellow in the plantain category must be cooked before eating. Also, bananas are smaller than plantains. I am referring to green plantains. I hope you try my new culinary discovery. Please email me for any specifics regarding the process to make it.

    1. Thanks Trav. I've not come across the 'green plantain' yet, just the yellow plantain (that's what confused me). I'll definitely look out for it though and will one day try out this breakfast mix. Glad you got back to me too.

  3. Had no idea of the benefits. Thx for this. I've enjoyed plantains only infrequently and usually at a Cuban restaurant in New York. Since I'm off to the grocery store in about 10 minutes, I will add them to my list. Think they will cook nicely on the grill?

  4. I think they should be good. Just rub them with olive oil and salt and pepper. Enjoy